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low mood | anxiety | grief | inability to concentrate

sleeplessness | low energy | impaired memory



with Dr. Keith Ablow

How is Mental Health Reset Coaching Different?

This isn’t psychiatry or a medical service.  It is a more empathetic and healing exploration of your life story, your view of yourself and the stresses you face that can reset your mind toward optimism, self-esteem and happiness and set the stage for extraordinary personal empowerment. 

"Working with Keith was extremely enlightening and productive. My business was going through a transition and re-brand, and Keith helped in many aspects. He made a point to genuinely understand my business and vision and provided perspectives I hadn't thought of before. Keith is a great collaborator and very enjoyable to work with." -L.S.

Keith Ablow is a gifted listener who has a sixth sense for helping people
find the roots of their suffering and move powerfully forward. 

Now you can conquer...

Low Mood
Low Energy
Inability to Concentrate
Impaired Memory

The goal of Mental Health Reset Coaching is not only to get back to your prior level of health, but to surpass it and to become stronger, more effective and happier than ever before. To start living the truly powerful life you deserve, schedule a free 30-minute consultation today.  

How Does Keith Ablow’s Mental Health Reset Coaching Work?

Meet with Dr. Ablow 1:1 either in-person or via video conference or phone. 


Text and email with Dr. Ablow between sessions. 


Keith will determine the forms of mental discomfort you are experiencing, help you see yourself far more clearly and help you see a powerful way forward in life.  


You will receive tools Keith has created to use between sessions to accelerate your healing. 


If you wish, Keith will also help you select one or more natural supplements that can significantly boost mood, decrease anxiety, increase concentration, improve sleep,

increase energy or even increase memory.

Do you have questions you want answered before you schedule a consultation? Complete the form below or email Keith at 


Keith is considered one of the world’s most effective collaborators to help individuals achieve groundbreaking and lasting changes.  

Dr. Ablow is a New York Times bestselling self-help author of 16 books, including Living the Truth and The Seven Wonders.  He received his undergraduate degree in Neurosciences with highest honors from Brown University and graduated the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  He served as The Washington Postcolumnist on psychology for a decade.  He has helped a myriad of people all over the United States and around the world reset their minds and get back to living full lives.  They include CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, billionaire entrepreneurs and investors, Pulitzer-prize winning writers, professional athletes, Presidential Cabinet members, journalists, scientists, lawyers, doctors and people from every walk of life, imaginable.

Keith has achieved this success because he is a gifted listener who has a sixth sense for helping people identify who they really are, what has been holding them back from powerfully expressing themselves and how they can overcome their anxiety and increase their mood and energy.

Keith Ablow can help you, too—in profound ways.

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